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This morning I was greeted by my male co-worker with “What’s up with that girl Eric Williams?” Not the normal “Good Morning” I usually receive but this acknowledgment was more intriguing. Being that I missed the coveted Basketball Wives last night, I was oblivious to the fact that Eric Williams threw a drink in Jennifer’s face.

The two are going through a bitter and seemingly endless divorce. It took Jenn years to finally come-to terms with divorcing the man who had cheated on her and for the most part neglected her feelings with no remorse. As I read several blogs to figure out why Eric would throw a drink in his almost ex-wife’s face, I realized that he absolutely no right to do so, especially after being the a**hole in their entire relationship and stint on Basketball Wives.

Throwing a drink as a male, is probably the most b*tcha**ness I have seen (on Television) in a while.  So here are my four things wrong with Eric throwing a drink in Jennifer’s face:

4. Throwing a drink is not the alternative for domestic violence. It does not make it any better than if you were to physically hit her. It’s all bad!

3. You did her wrong in the relationship, not the other way around: How dare you throw a drink, as if Jennifer dragged you through relationship trenches. If anyone is to throw a beverage it should be Jen, straight at the lump on your head!

2. You are a man! Men don’t throw drinks, especially at women.

1. Jen’s perm has been ruined and so has the fabric of that lovely dress!

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