Eric Williams

Do you remember Eric Williams? If not, he was the jerk of a husband that threw a patron margarita in Jennifer Williams’ face on “Basketball…

Being a villain on reality television obviously isn’t as lucrative for everybody as it was for Omarosa. Former basketball player and reality star Eric Williams…

  According to TMZ, a judge just issued an arrest warrant for Eric Williams for completely blowing off a paternity case which required him to both…


Jennifer Williams has something to say about Evelyn!!! It starts with phony and ends with fake!!! Catfight!!!

Jennifer revealed that she hasn’t spoken to Eric since he threw a drink in her face and they do not have a prenup.

Jennifer Williams and Eric Williams are filing for divorce but that doesn’t take away from how magical their wedding day was. Photos of the reality star and ex-basketball player’s wedding ceremony surfaced on the net. Eric Williams Tried To “Cast The Demon” Out Of Jennifer 4 Things Wrong With Eric Williams Throwing A Drink In […]

In the first half of our two-part interview with Shaunie O’Neal, she held nothing back as we grilled her on the behind-the-scenes politics surrounding the ever controversial “Basketball Wives” reality series.  As our conversation continued Shaunie revealed her thoughts on “Messy” Meeka, the state of Jen & Evelyn’s friendship and “Basketball Wives: LA”. Do you […]

Before the episode even airs next week, “Basketball Wives” star Jennifer Williams gave up the goods on what really went down with next week’s previews of the show revealing her now ex-husband, Eric Williams, threw a drink in her face. She chatted with radio host TT Torrez about the jaw-dropping situation on Wednesday.  And we’ve got the deets […]

At the end of this past Monday’s episode of “Basketball Wives,” VH1 showed a preview of all the drama that is set to take place on next week’s episode. In the preview, former NBA player Eric Williams throws a drink in his ex-wife Jennifer’s face after a confrontation during dinner. Watch the preview and hear […]

“I have exercised the demon” at least that’s what Eric Williams claims he was trying to do to Jennifer Williams on last week’s preview of the Basketball Wive’s final episode. Eric threw a drink in Jenn’s face before making a dramatic- movie scene exit. He took to Twitter to respond to the negative press he […]

This morning I was greeted by my male co-worker with “What’s up with that girl Eric Williams?” Not the normal “Good Morning” I usually receive but this acknowledgment was more intriguing. Being that I missed the coveted Basketball Wives last night, I was oblivious to the fact that Eric Williams threw a drink in Jennifer’s […]

If you missed last night’s episode of “Basketball Wives,” Jennifer Williams ex-husband made an appearance and let’s just say it was not a good look for the ex-basketball player. Jenn and Susie decided to “play” Eric because he called Susie and asked if she would be interested in a business venture, which made Eric look […]