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Being Proud of Ratchet Behavior

As a woman, fighting another woman is not cute if you don’t have to. So I’m trying to figure out what’s up with young and older women running through the streets talking talking loud on phones and in public about whose weave they will or have pulled out someone’s head, whose a** they are going to beat, and muffing grown men in the head talking about what the brotha won’t do back. First of all, why are you talking at that volume??? And why are you cursing so loud, embarrassing both you and I? Everyone gets pissed from time to time, but the women out here screeching for attention because of their short fuse have got to stop.

Playing “Too Cute” to Dance

Are we in the fifth grade again? Really though, not that you should be in the middle of a dance floor face down, butt up talking about “This my jam!!!!”, but what’s going on with all the women who act like they’re too cute to dance at parties and at the club? I’ve noticed that a lot recently, and who knows, could be the too tall shoes or the fact that you need to keep your dress (or hair) in place, but it’s just weird to me. Why stand off to the side with the same chicks you see every other day, paying good gas money for drinks when you could have done the same, but sitting down at the house for a lot cheaper? If you’re not trying to converse with new people or at least bust out a two-step, why bother?

Letting Your Man Do Whatever to You in Public

Nothing shocked me more than to see a man and his girl, moving through the crowd of people, with his ENTIRE hand in the back of her shorts. I know about booed up folks back in the day putting their hands in each other’s back pockets, but I’ve never seen it go THAT far. Mind you, this young woman did NOT have underwear on, so her boo had his hand all up and down her butt crack. AND it was hot as that “thang” outside. The fact that she didn’t care about how his hand made her look in public to all the folks that were laughing or staring in shock at her was amazing to me. What’s worse though? The fact that her man shook hands with a friend with the same dirty hand he had in her pants.

Ignoring a Child’s Bad Behavior to Shop

This sucks for both shoppers and people who work in customer service, mainly because a child allowed to run wild can tear up some stuff, and a child whose cries aren’t contained can give anybody a sick headache. I get it. It sucks that you can’t ever find someone to watch your child for a few hours while you spend some money in the mall, but don’t take it out on the rest of us by letting your son or daughter act a fool. Act a fool how you ask? By pulling down clothes, running into people, opening and eating food YOU won’t pay for, wasting lotion by pushing pumps repeatedly, and giving everyone a heart attack as they balance themselves on things NOT meant for balancing. Same goes for crying, especially in the case of a child old enough to know when to stop. You don’t have to give into what they want, but for the love of God, do something

Wearing Shower Caps in Public

Did you run out of the shower into public with a shower cap on because a fire alarm went off? No? Then you have no excuse for walking down the street with a shower cap on your head. I understand you want to avoid the humidity as much as possible when it rains, but we all have to make sacrifices. Shower caps on women well-dressed on their way to work (or play) is extremely crazy looking.

Giving the Stank Face for No Reason

Something  that proves a woman like this is “mucho” petty is if you pay her a compliment and THEN, only after that compliment is given, she warms up to you. Talking about, “It was nice to meet you !”  Was it!? Seriously?

Talking About People in Your Company

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard of women hanging out with other chicks, being annoyed by a certain one, and then trying to send a text about how lame that person is to another friend at the table. However, that text ends up reaching the person you’re talking about. While that’s a funny story, it’s really bogus. You know it. I know it. You can take it back to the “treat people how you want to be treated” mantra for this one. Just as you wouldn’t want someone talking about how tacky your outfit is in your face on the low or texting someone about how they wish you would shut up, you shouldn’t do the same

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