Ok! Before we even get to the details of this story. . .PARENTS. . .would you allow your 5 year old to curse? Your kids period? According to Amber — it is a form of expression. Do you agree? Via Page Six: If a swear jar existed in Amber Rose‘s home, it would be pretty full. […]

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*Now we know why Chris Brown was dismissed from the Malibu rehab facility last Friday. He had spent the last several months there for his…


Happy Hour Requires Preparation Going out for a drink seems like all fun and games, but you should keep in mind certain things before you go. If you have to ask yourself, “Did I eat lunch today?” then maybe you should consider eating something before you go out drinking. We’ve all learned the “food before […]

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Waffle Maker Riot Captured Black Friday 2011 has seen its share of noteworthy, bargain-fueled madness. Shoppers lined up earlier than ever to take advantage of midnight openings and to get discounts at some stores that even opened on Thanksgiving Day. There have been reports of shoppers pepper spraying one another in the hunt for deals […]

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Check out these photos of the Z fam hanging out with Mindless Behavior last month. You have a chance to bring Mindless Behavior back to Cleveland to visit a lucky highschool. All you have to do is submit your school and take a stand against bullying. CLICK HERE TO ENTER YOUR SCHOOL

Being Proud of Ratchet Behavior As a woman, fighting another woman is not cute if you don’t have to. So I’m trying to figure out what’s up with young and older women running through the streets talking talking loud on phones and in public about whose weave they will or have pulled out someone’s head, […]


APRIL 28–A teacher who stripped off his clothes and walked naked around a Georgia elementary school gave cops a New Age explanation for his behavior, claiming that he had achieved a “new level of enlightenment” and “wanted everybody to be free now that his third eye was open,” according to a police report. For allowing […]