We are big fans of the lovely Pilar Sanders. She’s beautiful, classy, and intelligent. it hurts our hearts to put her business out in the streets like this.

Anyways, new evidence suggests that her husband, NFL legend Deion Sanders was creeping with a 19 year old girl.

What evidence? We got texts from the girl to Deion’s set-up man, NFL player Pacman Jones. We got texts between her and Deion, we got a flight itinerary, sent from Deion’s assistant (the email is sent from S-mac entertainment – Deion’s company).

Oh, and we got pics of what appears to be Deion in the bed with the girl. And just in case you still don’t believe the girl. She got pics of his custom car keys!!! smh . . .

FYI -This is what you call evidence of creeping. There are rumors on the net that Swizz Beatz is cheating on Alicia. We investigated those claims last week, and determined that they were made up lies.

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