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We’ve all heard the rumors over the years but now mainstream is blowing this story up! We’re hearing from a new source that Jay Z has a secret love child! This means the baby he and wife Beyonce are having will not be his first.

The man behind this latest drama is the father of the guy who was initially named the baby daddy! He’s talking now and putting Jay Z’s business on blast!

Word is Jigga has a secret son with a Trinidadian model. The world gasped last month when the Big Pimpin’ singer’s wife, Beyonce, showed off her baby bump at the MTV Video Music Awards, but Andrews says the rapper gave Trinidadian model Shenelle Scott a baby bump some nine years before.

Andrews, the father of Shenelle’s ex-boyfriend Malik Sayeed claims that “at the time [he] was born, my son Malik thought he was his child, but they did DNA tests.

“It’s been determined that [the child is] Jay-Z’s baby.”

Beyonce was initially angry about the secret son but she decided to stand by her man. The boy closely resembles Jay Z, who’s reportedly paying Shenelle child support.

Malik, whose name was originally listed on the boy’s birth certificate, came to find out about the child’s real paternity. “Malik threw [Shenelle] a baby shower and bought all this stuff to prepare for the arrival,” the source said. “However, after the baby was born, friends and family told him he needed to get a DNA test.

“Everyone knew she was sleeping around with Jay,” the source said. “There was a good chance it was his.” “Maybe two weeks later, he called me and said, ‘Daddy, I got some bad news. [He’s] not my son,’” Andrews said. “I said, ‘How do you know, Malik?’ He said, ‘He doesn’t look anything like me!’”

After undergoing a DNA test that showed Jay Z is the father, Malik kicked Shenelle out of his house, while Jay Z made arrangements for mother and son to go back to Trinidad, where they now live comfortably on the rapper’s dime.

“Shenelle told me that Jay-Z gave her $1 million to keep her mouth shut and its my understanding that he’s paying her child support.” “She says he’s a good father and he has a lot of interest in [the boy].” “It was a big old mess at one time, but I think once they resolved the issue of fatherhood, of paternity, I think things started to level off.”



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