We’ve all heard the rumors over the years but now mainstream is blowing this story up! We’re hearing from a new source that Jay Z has a secret love child! This means the baby he and wife Beyonce are having will not be his first. The man behind this latest drama is the father of the guy […]


“Everybody take a Jump!” Beyonce doesn’t mind dancing with her peers in the club. Ok, peers and bodyguards of course. But here you can see Beyonce jumping around as if she were a true Trini!

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Beyonce was spotted dancing up a storm in Trinidad and Tobago during their carnival. The singer e joined the crowd and partied to what seems to be her favorite local song ‘Palance’ by Bionic Blaze and JW, which she also remixed during a tour performance of ‘Check On It’. The song recently won Trinidad and […]

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Beyonce’s bodyguard Julius, must really love his job…this dude is around the singer more than Jay-Z.  Check out the two poolside in Argentina, we are sooo loving Beyonce’s cover-up.

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There has been a ton of controversy surrounding Beyonce’s “I AM…” World Tour stop on the island of Trinidad scheduled for tomorrow, and apparently her PR team has cooked up an awesome damage control scheme.