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Floyd Mayweather Jr. defeated opponent Victor Ortiz last night in Las Vegas in a fight that controversially allowed him to keep his undefeated record.

Ortiz attempted a headbutt on Mayweather and the fight was briefly stopped by referee Joe Cortez, but when Ortiz went to apologize a second time to Floyd, Flyod caught him off guard and knocked him out.

Mayweather discussed the controversial knockout after the fight.

“I got hit with a dirty shot and it’s protect yourself at all times,” Mayweather told commentator Larry Merchant after the fight. “He does something dirty. If he wants a rematch, he can get it.”

While many fight viewers had their own opinion about the knockout, a number of rappers on twitter made sure their voices were heard over the controversy.

“Victor wasn’t ready for the big lights why he put his hands down. Stupid move fighting Money Mayweather,” G-Unit affiliate Tony Yayo said.

Big Sean weighed in on the fight as well.

“If Floyd cheated then y he got the belt. That n***a Floyd was attentive and smart. If it’s legal u can’t hate. Ortiz did him. If anything.”

In Birdman like fashion, the CEO of Cash Money, bragged about his cash in from the fight:

“YMCMB. BORN 2 Win. Milly n***a. We Tha Busine$$,”

Nelly like many, took a comedic route by saying if you do something dirty, than karma will always return.


Do you agree with any of the rappers? What do you think?

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