The Game is no stranger to beef. Outside of his extensive catalogue of music feuds with artists including 50 Cent, Meek Mill and Joe Budden, the West Coast rapper has had his share of real-life altercations that ended with hands being thrown. || RELATED: Mayweather and Jake Paul Get Into Physical Altercation At Press Conference || […]

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Floyd Mayweather’s protege Gervonta Davis and his ex-girlfriend YaYa were spotted out in handcuffs….TOGETHER!!! Interesting! The whole scene looks weird. For folks that appear to be getting arrested, they both look pretty happy and unbothered. We can only assume this is nothing major. Although we don’t have the real details yet you can get an […]


Custody battles are never fun and this comes at a tough time for Floyd considering the latest news . . . I heard that his current girlfriend was pregnant with his child but sadly miscarried. You can get more on that unfortunate news [HERE]. Via The Blast: Floyd Mayweather has been ordered to return his son […]


So is this match happening so that he can knock any rust off before the rematch with Pacman? Can a man like Mayweather even build up rust? Either way. . .I can not wait to see this rematch! Via TMZ: Floyd Mayweather isn’t jumping right back into the ring with Manny Pacquiao … instead, he’s taking a tune-up […]

We all know Connor McGregor is a showman……a lot of people are taking issue with his comments toward Floyd Mayweather, I am NOT. Its expected, what I wont stand for is the biting of the hand that will feed you better than you’ve ever been fed…….boy. Be sure to like & Subscribe & be sure […]

The drum beats grow louder for a massive-money showdown between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor. Mayweather announced Saturday in England, where he’s been on a publicity tour, that he’s “coming out of retirement just to fight Conor McGregor.” “I don’t want to hear no more excuses about the money, about the UFC,” Mayweather, 40, said […]

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So at first I thought these two were just talking out the side of their necks on the whole boxing each other thing BUT now that 50’s involved and supposedly Floyd Mayweather is going to be training Soulja Boy. . .I’m thinking this thing might actually go down! If you remember from the other day […]

Looks like Tiny is coming for her husband T.I. after his response to her taking a picture with Floyd Mayweather. See what she had to say below: Tameka Harris, 41, best known as “Tiny” and rapper T.I.‘s longtime wife, is no longer keeping the lid on their marriage drama. Sadly, it seems the couple who […]

T.I. Continues Beef With Floyd Mayweather On Social Media After rapper T.I’s wife, Tiny, was caught on camera dancing extra close to boxing champ Floyd Mayweather, the petty police prepared themselves for a full out social media war. And it’s begun. T.I. took his first shot at Floyd by posting a video clip of comedian Kevin […]

Tip has always been vocal about his stance on the Black Lives Matter movement, so it comes as no surprise that he was not here for Mayweather's questionable remarks.

When will celebs realize arguing "All Lives Matter" is not a good move, considering every week another unarmed Black man is shot by the police?