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Rule number 1 Sean……STOP SNITCHIN!! She’s living a very happy life now. lol Via | The Boombox Sean Kingston paid a visit to BBC Radio 1’s Smashed With Sloth and discussed topics like his come up in the music business, working with Justin Bieber and famous women in entertainment. In one part of the interview, Kingston was asked which celebrities he […]

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And we’re like…..yall can have that s*** !!! Via | The Root After Papa John’s blamed the NFL players protests for its lagging pizza sales, the Daily Stormer quickly caped for its trash-ass “pizza.” (For the uninitiated, the Stormer is a site rife with neo-Nazis and white supremacists that, coincidentally, can’t keep The Root’s name out […]

“how people expect Donald Trump to speak against a movement that he is the leader of” Via | CNN President Donald Trump, in a staggering, impromptu news conference in New York on Tuesday, blamed the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, over the weekend on both sides of the conflict — equating the white supremacists on one […]

because……..he has a temper and too many women. Sounds like shes hating to me lol. Via | TMZ Jesse Williams‘ wife says he is a reckless parent who has fits of rage and worries he exposes their kids to a “revolving door” of women … this according to new, explosive divorce docs. Aryn Drake-Lee has unloaded […]

The ignorance of rappers never ceases to amaze me, Im all for encouraging hetero activity to my son but this is taking things a bit far. Enjoy !

“Dont ever fix yo lips like collagen “……todays recipient is a public servant, and if you know us that makes it EVEN sweeter ! Enjoy &  be sure to follow @DjKNYCE, @RoDigga & @theDayPartyCLE on IG & Twitter !!

Alt-history is what they call it….Im all the way here for it, thats for sure. Aaron McGruder doesnt seem to miss when it comes to this lane. Via | Deadline A century and a half after slavery was abolished in the U.S., the wounds left by one of the darkest periods in American history are […]

Im sure this makes Josh Gordon VERY happy……#ikid #ikid Via | Rollingstone The NFL wrote a letter to the NFL Players Association recently, offering to team up to study the potential use of marijuana as a pain management tool, people familiar with the situation told The Washington Post.   The move marks a possibly significant change in the […]