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Please Listen To My Demo Part 2: 5 Tips to Become a Better Hip Hop Artist

So you’ve been in the lab (a.k.a. your room!) recording yourself rapping or making beats for a couple of years but nobody has heard your music except your crew and your mom…and that’s only when she’s asking you to turn the noise down!

How do you truly know you have what it takes to make it in this game?

Have you really studied your craft and developed your art or are you fooling yourself into thinking you have something special when all you’re really doing is sounding like everyone else?

You may be asking yourself,

“If so many wack artists still end up successful, why should I waste my time trying to be different? I have a better chance if I just do what everyone else is doing.”

I can’t deny the fact that a whole lot of talentless artists are getting their 15+ minutes of fame. But if your goal is to be among them, this article isn’t for you.

This is for all those young aspiring artists who are genuinely invested in their art and are looking to make a lasting impact, even if it takes a while to get there. If you want your music to be remembered for years to come, these 5 Tips to Become a Better Hip Hop Artist will guide you in the right direction.

1. Study The Greats

Hip Hop culture has been around since 1973. This means that a lot of incredible rappers and producers have come before you. Find out who these legends are and research their catalogs. Don’t worry about the number of albums they’ve sold. The business was different back then and sells weren’t the only way to evaluate an artist’s greatness. (For more on this tip & video, click HERE)

2. Battle And Perform:

There was a time when you couldn’t call yourself an MC unless you had earned your stripes through battling. The scene is different nowadays but the importance of sharpening your skills is just as crucial for those who care about the art form and their reputation. Thus, if you can, engage in battle! This may include your typical cipher or an organized battle at a club in front of a live audience. Either way, you need to feel what it’s like to be judged by your peers.

(For more on this tip & Video, click HERE)

3. Lose The Yes Men And Women

Everyone has them. Some are just scared to hurt your feelings, some couldn’t recognize talent to save their lives, and others just don’t give a damn! All of them are bad for your health! And your girlfriend/boyfriend doesn’t count. You could sound like Soulja Boy on Novacane and they’d still love you! (For more on this tip, click HERE)

4. Challenge Yourself

Some artists are one trick ponies! They’re good at one style but can’t do anything else. Some producers do nothing but use basic drums, a lot of bass, and a bunch of hi-hats and stop there! It’s almost the same formula for every song. Some rappers get complacent. They get locked into a routine and never step out of their lane. If they’re known to go “hard in the paint” with their vocals, they stick to that recipe on every song until that style gets played out. (For more on this tip, click HERE)

And Finally…

5. Look For Ideas And Inspiration In Everything Around You:

If you look at the Top 40 rap songs in the nation on any given week, the themes generally revolve around the same few subjects: sex, partying, sex, bragging, sex, material possessions, sex, and…sex!

While these subjects have entertained the average listener for years, it’s safe to say that having a broader range of topics to rap about would benefit everyone! After all, isn’t life more than just about sex and having fun? Ok, maybe not for you, but the average person can relate to a lot more than the 3 to 4 subjects we hear repeatedly on every station across the nation (For more on this tip, click HERE)

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