You gotta love these two! So much. . .women [and some men wink wink] have been asking CiCi for the prayers she sent up to the good lord that landed her Russell. Well it was a LOT of prayer according to Ciara but deeper than that. . .Prayers went up from your girl in respect […]

Some of ya need to read this post ASAP. If you have been that guy or girl before who wished they could have undone that message. . .there is redemption! Maybe not with the last person you embarrassed yourself with but with the next potential for sure lol! These tips come from the Vice! Did […]

RoLations Time!  The Engagement is called off!   Ladies. . .Do you give the ring back??? Fellas. . .Do you even want the ring back??? Take The Poll: Catch Ro inside The Day Party weekdays beginning at 3pm! 

Mental health is extremely important and thanks to social media and even TV. . .we have witnessed on far too many occasions what it looks like when someone is battling their own mental health. Sadly some people have no clue they are in need of help and others are simply trying to get the help. […]

Hi Curly Girls! So it’s no secret that most natural curly haired women deal with both laying them edges and dealing with shrinkage! Me personally. . .I don’t like the laid edges look on ME. That shrinkage tho! I don’t like shrinkage. It is pretty dope to see a natural curly girl with what looks […]

Curly girls know we will use more than a HAIR brush to get a style all the way together ok! So obviously there is nothing wrong with utilizing our TOOTH brush to get it done right?! So I follow @chelliscurls and here’s how she used her toothbrush: If you guys have any cool unique […]

What up Curly Girls :) So I’ve been learning how to maintain my hair since I could physically do my own hair! I’ve finally found what works for my curls in products but most importantly. . .in my hair routine! If you’re a Curly Girl like me then you probably have a specific hair routine for […]

Via Madamenoire: There are a lot of ignorant things a man can do on a first date and chances are we’ve experienced a lot of the same ones. But have you ever had a man ask you for his money back after things didn’t go his way? Lauren Crouch has. The U.K. blogger recently agreed to […]

Via Madamenoire: Don’t be afraid of the single parent: he could be one of the most easy-going, loving and patient men you ever meet. Parenthood has a way of doing that to a person. But if you are going to date a single parent, you should know that comes with slightly different rules than dating […]

Thermal Socks, really? Try these Orgasm hacks via Madamenoire: PUT ON A PAIR OF SOCKS Seriously. Word of mouth about this orgasm hack was everywhere so scientists finally did a study. They found that when you increase your body temperature with a pair of thick socks, your orgasms increase by 33 percent! That’s definitely worth a try. […]

Via Madamenoire: . . .There was a debate that arose on Twitter recently. A user made a point of saying that once you’re married, you stay married until death or a legal divorce. They claimed that even when you’re legally separated, it still means you’re married. But I know some couples who don’t wait for […]

Via YourTango: No more awkward silences! Disheartened by a string of first dates gone wrong, I sought answers straight from the source: eligible men. I grilled male friends, exes and even one of those disastrous dates (see # 3) to find out which first date topics to ditch and how to make it to round […]