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Via Madamenoire:

There are a lot of ignorant things a man can do on a first date and chances are we’ve experienced a lot of the same ones. But have you ever had a man ask you for his money back after things didn’t go his way? Lauren Crouch has.

The U.K. blogger recently agreed to meet up with a man she met on Tinder at a train station which she assumed would lead to getting to know one another over drinks. Instead, the suitor wanted to get coffee at a nearby chain and within 30 minutes said he needed to go because he was expecting a grocery delivery. That didn’t necessarily have to mean the end of the date in the man’s mind though, as he invited Lauren to come back to his place where he’d cook dinner. She obviously said no because she’d just met the man, but that didn’t stop him from trying the same pitch later on that night. Lauren respectfully declined, saying it was nice to meet him but she didn’t think they had any chemistry. After the man failed at persuading Lauren to see his side of things — that you can’t tell if you have chemistry from just one meeting — he hit a new dating low and sent a text that read:

OK, fair enough. But can you pay be back for your coffee? Prefer to use it on a date with someone else

Incredibly, that new low wouldn’t even be the lowest moment in the back and forth as the screenshot below proves.


text 2

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