Push Gifts? Are you requiring one from your boo after you push out your bundle of joy?

Oh lawd. . .in the days of Lil Fizz and Apryl situations. . .you an imagine how sensitive this subject is! But the reality is. . .your boo [male or female] COULD be into your friend and not you! In this case ladies. . .here’s 10 signs your man might be romantically into your home […]

Ladies ladies and more ladies! Lol [Rotimi voice] honeys! We all know that when we get into new relationships or simply dating someone new . . .we tend to carry with us some of those bad habits or unrealistic ways of thinking from past situations. Hell some of us get out of one relationship and […]

Don’t want no short short. . .man! Or. . .maybe you do?! Listen nothing is worse then seeing a potential online like oohh…He is probably a tall glass of water! Only to see him in person and he more like a half cup of coffee lol. Put it like this. . .height is important for both […]

Everyone seems to know how crazy the dating scene can be THESE days so hopefully these red flags can help you determine if the new boo you are sporting. . .is worth it! Via Madamenoire: Watch Out For Overly-Demanding Folks There is a thin line between asking and demanding–but the nuances can be the difference […]

Some of ya need to read this post ASAP. If you have been that guy or girl before who wished they could have undone that message. . .there is redemption! Maybe not with the last person you embarrassed yourself with but with the next potential for sure lol! These tips come from the Vice! Did […]

Ok so in case you are wondering — that there is a photo of Monica Lewinsky! Remember her? How could you forget! Well anyway. . .she is wanting to personally apologize to Hillary Clinton. . .this YEARS after the scandal with Bill. She wants to express how very sorry she is for what happened. You […]

Ok! This topic right here! Now I know a lot of people who automatically delete their social media when they get into a serious relationship — mostly because they know their accounts were attached to some of their exes and a little too risky. Others deleted it because the other asked them to and it […]

RoLations Time!  The Engagement is called off!   Ladies. . .Do you give the ring back??? Fellas. . .Do you even want the ring back??? Take The Poll: Catch Ro inside The Day Party weekdays beginning at 3pm! 

Ok! So. . .a lot of people were feeling some kind of way when actress Garcelle Beauvais [AKA Fancy from The Jamie Foxx Show] sent the very married Will Smith this birthday wish: People felt she was disrespectful and even reckless in her well wishes. However some people felt she was just being silly and this […]

Ok! After hearing Kanye talk about he is moving back to Chicago and never leaving again AND that his wife has NO intentions of making that trip with him. . .I wondered if the two of them could actually make their marriage work that far away. Keep in mind these two have the careers that […]

So I came up with this question from a blog on Madamenoire where this was brought up: Can a relationship that is based on a lie, or multiple lies, actually work? I think it can work for a while, but not for the long term. For instance, a girlfriend of mine dated a guy who said that […]