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Let’s never forget this moment

Ok! After hearing Kanye talk about he is moving back to Chicago and never leaving again AND that his wife has NO intentions of making that trip with him. . .I wondered if the two of them could actually make their marriage work that far away. Keep in mind these two have the careers that they have AND they have kids! What do you think. . .do you think they could make it work?

Ok now on to YOU and you!

Are we even still here for a long distance relationship?

Would you be ok with dating someone that is states away?

What about if you guys were already together in the same state BUT one of you gets a job offer in another state and moves. . .Would you still stay in the relationship if they ended up staying behind?

What are some of your long distance relationships experiences?

A lot of people seem to think that a LD relationship is an automatic setup for failure but some attest that mentality to people not being mature enough | honest enough | and committed enough in the first place.

I personally experienced LD relationships. I mean. . .the whole missing them part was cool cause it was always dope when we linked up BUT as I got older. . .that distance was played! Lol

Not to mention there were things I wanted in and for my relationship that just didn’t make sense doing with someone a whole ass century away [that’s what it felt like at the time].

What ya think tho?

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