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Ok! After hearing Kanye talk about he is moving back to Chicago and never leaving again AND that his wife has NO intentions of making that trip with him. . .I wondered if the two of them could actually make their marriage work that far away. Keep in mind these two have the careers that […]

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President Obama gave a historical speech yesterday. At 5:20 P.M specifically, The President spoke about the Child-Centric Framework. He didn’t call it that, but he…

Rev. Al Sharpton has always been a polarizing figure in the world of activism. Some people hang on to his every word and believe he…


Fortune in stores june 29th.

Beyoncé launched her new website to an avalanche of media buzz. Most of the attention went to the collection of intimate photos featured on the notoriously private star’s Tumblr blog launched on the same day. However, the real news is the superstar’s savvy in recognizing the importance of having an online presence that reflects her brand. Before […]

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HEAUX these days. It doesn’t take MUCH for them to put a rapper on blast. Well a woman has created a BLOG – and she claims that rapper BUSTA RHYMES gave her HERPES. Here is what she had to say: Another Day in Pain! I’m really pissed of and frustrated today! I’m in sooo much […]

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Hip Hop superstar and mogul 50 Cent is back to his antics, he has recently posted on his twitter page that he is responsible for shutting down a very popular website for hip hop and urban media.


LOS ANGELES – With celebrities used to being on the receiving end of blog gossip, Grammy winner Alicia Keys is the latest star to launch her own Web site,


Listen to what your mate says while sleeping! You never know what you’re going to hear!