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luke-al-sharptonRev. Al Sharpton has always been a polarizing figure in the world of activism. Some people hang on to his every word and believe he is out here trying to make a better way for the less fortunate. Others believe Sharpton is more into seeking attention than actually making a difference. After recently being outed as a former FBI informant, Miami rapper Uncle Luke is taking Sharpton  to task, calling him a double agent and the ultimate snitch.

Uncle Luke, real name Luther Campbell, is known for his rap group 2 Live Crew. The group was famous for their sexually explicit music and live shows that usually featured women performing fellatio on stage and some even going as far as to have sex during the show. However, Luke matured and eventually ran for mayor of his hometown Miami, Florida.


Campbell feels Sharpton isn’t really for the people and we’ve all been played by the good reverend. Check out an excerpt from a piece Uncle Luke wrote that appeared in the Miami New Times:

No one should be surprised that Al Sharpton was a major snitch for the federal government. Last week, the Smoking Gun unearthed damning evidence of the good reverend’s onetime role as a mob rat during the ’80s.

Initially, Sharpton denied it. Now he’s claiming he cooperated with the FBI only because his life had been threatened by gangsters. Yeah, right. Sharpton has been bamboozling African-Americans ever since he joined the civil rights movement. He’s always been a government double agent, pretending to help black people when he really does nothing for them. Sharpton is a great showman who can get cameras to follow him around. His job is to fool African-Americans into thinking someone is fighting for them.

When he came to Florida following the murder of Miami Gardens teenager Trayvon Martin, Sharpton vowed he would lead the fight to repeal the state’s Stand Your Ground law. Two years after the boy’s death, the law is still on the books and Sharpton hasn’t done anything about it. He promised to move to Chicago’s worst neighborhoods to fight the gun violence killing so many black people in the Windy City. According to a recent article, Sharpton leased an apartment in an affluent part of town and stays there only once a week.

I’ve been dealing with two-faced activists like Sharpton since I was an underground DJ in the early ’80s.

For being a government stool pigeon, Sharpton has gotten two book deals, a host spot on a national news talk show, and fame. He’s the greatest snitch ever.

Uncle Luke makes some valid points, but nobody wants to be judged for the mistakes they’ve made in the past. I mean, really, when Luke was running for mayor nobody wanted to vote for the “Me So Horny” guy. He felt a certain way about being judged on his previous career. So why throw stones from a glass mansion?

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