Oh lawd. . .in the days of Lil Fizz and Apryl situations. . .you an imagine how sensitive this subject is! But the reality is. . .your boo [male or female] COULD be into your friend and not you! In this case ladies. . .here’s 10 signs your man might be romantically into your home […]

I feel like this may be an easy answer for some and complicated for others! Either way. . .Tamar said what she said and all I wanna know is do you agree with her??? Read her IG story post below and then tell me what you think in the following Poll: Catch Ro inside The […]

A relationship that had a lot of people wondering how it ever came to be in the first place — could possible be over between Jamie and Katie! Days ago a picture floated around the internet of Jamie Foxx leaving the clue with a young woman who was NOT Katie Holmes and of course people […]

Alexa . . .Play Ella Mai  “Boo’d Up” for this weeks edition of Coupled Up! And be sure to catch Ro inside the Day Party weekdays beginning at 3pm!  

Yes yes I know. . .with summer right around the corner and cuffing season coming to its end [so they say lol]. . .Let these photos of your favorite celebrity couples possibly inspire you to stay all up in love this summer! Catch Ro Digga inside The Day Party weekdays beginning at 3pm!  

Don’t want no short short. . .man! Or. . .maybe you do?! Listen nothing is worse then seeing a potential online like oohh…He is probably a tall glass of water! Only to see him in person and he more like a half cup of coffee lol. Put it like this. . .height is important for both […]

Everyone seems to know how crazy the dating scene can be THESE days so hopefully these red flags can help you determine if the new boo you are sporting. . .is worth it! Via Madamenoire: Watch Out For Overly-Demanding Folks There is a thin line between asking and demanding–but the nuances can be the difference […]

So by now we should all be caught up on the drama behind the cheating scandal involving Tristan and Jordyn [and Khloe of course]. . .seems our boy wasted no time moving on just weeks after the uproar tho! Tristan was spotted at a restaurant in NYC a little while ago with “Friends” right. . […]

Some of ya need to read this post ASAP. If you have been that guy or girl before who wished they could have undone that message. . .there is redemption! Maybe not with the last person you embarrassed yourself with but with the next potential for sure lol! These tips come from the Vice! Did […]

Ok so in case you are wondering — that there is a photo of Monica Lewinsky! Remember her? How could you forget! Well anyway. . .she is wanting to personally apologize to Hillary Clinton. . .this YEARS after the scandal with Bill. She wants to express how very sorry she is for what happened. You […]

Ok! This topic right here! Now I know a lot of people who automatically delete their social media when they get into a serious relationship — mostly because they know their accounts were attached to some of their exes and a little too risky. Others deleted it because the other asked them to and it […]

RoLations Time!  The Engagement is called off!   Ladies. . .Do you give the ring back??? Fellas. . .Do you even want the ring back??? Take The Poll: Catch Ro inside The Day Party weekdays beginning at 3pm!