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Why hasn't he replied yet?

Don’t want no short short. . .man! Or. . .maybe you do?! Listen nothing is worse then seeing a potential online like oohh…He is probably a tall glass of water! Only to see him in person and he more like a half cup of coffee lol.

Put it like this. . .height is important for both men and women. But a lot of dating sites don’t require height details unless you choose to add that detail in your bio.

What do you think?

Via Madamenoire:

As a woman who is 5’9 and towers well over 6 feet with heels, the height of my partner means a lot to me. It’s a superficial requirement I can’t hide from, but as people say “everyone has their preferences.”

But it seems like a large population of men were triggered by these preferences, when dating app Tinder decided to pull an April Fool’s Joke on its users by announcing they would now require height verification on their platform.

The idea, though a simple prank, was refreshing for girls like me who fear meeting a guy they found online in person and finding out he’s way shorter than expected. Not knowing someone’s height could lead to an uncomfortable first encounter–one that is easily avoided.

But on the other hand, some outraged men saw the idea as a form of body shaming. Let’s keep it real—would we want to verify our boob size? Hip to waist ratio? Real hair versus fake hair? The list can go on and on. Continue reading more [HERE].

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