Uh oh! Where is Oprah when we need her for this story! Gayle King is being sued by a woman who hooks people up with dates.

Orly Hadida, who goes by the name “Orly the Matchmaker” says she made a deal with Gayle 2 years ago to find her a hunk. The self-proclaimed matchmaker allegedly told Gayle that instead of paying the $500k fee – wait this chick gets $500k are you serious? I’m in the wrong business, ok I digressed LOL – She claims Gayle told her she’d get her on her girl’s show, you know, the OPRAH show.

She claims she hooked Gayle up with 5 dudes. I guess she must have seen alllllll of the promos about O leaving and asked Gayle for her money. Gayle has not paid either.