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It’s been almost a week since death row inmate Troy Davis was executed, and the fire has yet to be put out surrounding the details of his case and whether or not the system failed the convicted murderer. During the days leading up to the execution, many Troy Davis supporters wondered if Obama was going to intervene or at least speak out about the execution but to their disappointment he remained  quiet. Now, a news report is claiming that President Obama looked at every possible angle to help stop the execution and give Troy more time. Sources say that the President and his aids spent “three days” attempting to involve the case on a federal level, but was rejected by the state of Georgia.

“‘We looked at every possible avenue legally,’” the source reported Obama said. “‘There was not one there.’”

“‘It was a state case and I could not intervene because it wasn’t federal,’” another source reported Obama said.

The sources also revealed that President Obama talked about the Troy Davis case at a private lunch meeting of approximately 10 black broadcasters.

Obama said the only reason why he spoke about Harvard’s Henry Louis Gates’ case, was because he was asked by a reporter, Obama told one source.

What’s more, Obama also said that the only reason why his administration spoke out about an illegal immigrant’s case, Humberto Leal Garcia Jr., in July was because it was an international issue, where his rights were violated.

Sure, the president could have simply spoken out about Davis, the source said, but it would not have done anything.

The president reportedly didn’t want to turn it into a campaigning issue. He allegedly told one of the sources:

“‘I don’t want to make this man’s death political for me.’”


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