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We love our stylists for making us look good but did you know your glam squad can also save your life? Hair stylists get a close-up view of areas people have a pretty tough time seeing. Some of them are using those views to express health concerns to clients. “You have a direct view of […]


Forget the gift cards and expensive meaningless gifts! Personalized gifts don’t always have to be so boring as an engraved watch, or t-shirt. Give them something cool that they’ll cherish forever! Custom Fragrance Your loved one remind you of a specific smell? Create it, name it and give it to them this holiday! How many non-celebrities can […]


It’s been almost a week since death row inmate Troy Davis was executed, and the fire has yet to be put out surrounding the details of his case and whether or not the system failed the convicted murderer. During the days leading up to the execution, many Troy Davis supporters wondered if Obama was going […]

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JACKSON, Ga-Troy Davis’s execution scheduled for 7pm today has been delayed as the Supreme Court weighs Davis’s lawyers argument for a stay of execution. The Supreme Court could decide any time today or within the next week whether Davis should be executed. ABC News reports: At 7:05 p.m. tonight, five minutes after his scheduled death, […]

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Below is a letter from Troy Davis who is scheduled to be executed tonight in the state of Georgia in one of the most controversial death penalty cases of the century. I want to thank all of you for your efforts and dedication to Human Rights and Human Kindness, in the past year I have […]


According to BalckMediaScoop.com, Wal-Mart is set to bring back their layaway program.  The nation’s largest retailer is trying to keep its core low-income shoppers and reverse a recent slump in U.S. sales in time for the holiday shopping season. Officials say customers requested that Wal Mart bring back the layaway program to help them manage their […]


A 5-year-old Connecticut girl is listed in stable condition after she was accidentally fed noodles laced with the illegal hallucinogen PCP Monday. The girl’s mother, Hope Brodie, 26, had cooked PCP in a kitchen pot on Sunday and the same pot was used by a relative the next day to make the child’s dinner. The […]