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Here are some tips and tricks on haircare with you local beauty vlogger Paige’s Of Beauty. Peep the video below: Want to know how I keep my natural hair striving and strong? I use Cantu Shea butter haircare products. Being a natural for over 10+ years; Though out the years I have come to use […]

Love yourself for everything you are and work on everything you are not and everything you wan’t to be. To Love you is to Know yourself for your shortcomings in life, either work on them or accept them, and move on. With that being said don’t be so hard on yourself, you are your own worst critic. […]

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Don’t skip breakfast “Eat breakfast. It’ll energize you for the day and keep your diet in check.” Nibble, don’t gobble “Use the three-bite rule with dessert: Have three small bites and put your fork down.” Keep the burn going “During your workout, rest no more than 30 seconds between exercises. This will dramatically bump your […]

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case you’ve been living under a rock and didn’t hear, sleep makes you healthier in about every way possible—it boosts your brainpower, slashes your risk of disease, and helps you work out harder. Now science says you better get enough Z’s if you want to remember anything. Sleeping fires up synapses in the brain—which can […]

Women's Health

1. Eat what you normally eat because you’re a living human with caloric needs. 2. Pick out a bikini that makes you feel cute as hell. 3. Stop comparing your bikini body to someone else’s. 4. Forget that models and celebrities in bikinis even exist because they have trainers and nutritionists and armies of people […]

Women's Health

Khloe lost some weight and she’s happy and here’s how she did it. Speaking to E! News, Khloe broke it down: “I try to work out five days a week,” she said. “It’s a lot, but I feel great when I do it. On the weekend I have a gym in my community. I try […]

1. Calling it your vagina is OK. Yes, the word “vagina” can sound weirdly formal for something that is attached to your body, but it’s not Voldemort…. 2. What you’re calling your vagina might not actually be your vagina. At some point in human history, “vagina” somehow became a catch-all for everything between our legs […]

  I finally decided to give it a shot a few months later while on a three-week vacation in Thailand. I figured, this way, I’ll just have greasy hair on the beach, NBD. But I wasnot prepared for how intense those first couple weeks really were. My hair was the greasiest it’s ever been. I […]

Women's Health

Brazilian model and TV host Andressa Urach underwent thigh injection surgery and momentarily died as her body went into septic shock. Now, she’s got holes in her thighs and butt as the chemicals began to rot her tissue [via Daily Mail]. Urach, who was once a runner-up in her home country’s Miss BumBum contest, says she […]