Heart Health

Love yourself for everything you are and work on everything you are not and everything you wan’t to be. To Love you is to Know yourself for your shortcomings in life, either work on them or accept them, and move on. With that being said don’t be so hard on yourself, you are your own worst critic. […]

The Heartbeat 5k (5k Run / 1 Mile Walk) Saturday, April 16th, 2016 PRESENTED BY: AHA Young Professionals Board Register Today Funds raised through this event will benefit the American Heart Association and their mission to build healthier lives, free of cardiovascular disease and stroke. What each registrant will receive: – Official HeartBeat 5k T-shirt […]

     Monday motivation. In the am when u get up and don’t want to go to work thank God for having a job at all and remember Faith is the Substance and evidence of what’s to come, when you complain about things they will get taken away. #Iamsomebody follow me on IG: & Snapchat: […]

Don’t skip breakfast “Eat breakfast. It’ll energize you for the day and keep your diet in check.” Nibble, don’t gobble “Use the three-bite rule with dessert: Have three small bites and put your fork down.” Keep the burn going “During your workout, rest no more than 30 seconds between exercises. This will dramatically bump your […]

case you’ve been living under a rock and didn’t hear, sleep makes you healthier in about every way possible—it boosts your brainpower, slashes your risk of disease, and helps you work out harder. Now science says you better get enough Z’s if you want to remember anything. Sleeping fires up synapses in the brain—which can […]

Most of us have heard that <strong>bran</strong> can help up lead a <strong>healthier life</strong> but new studies show a direct connection between consumin bran and improving our heart-health.

Doctor's have given chocolate lovers a reason to celebrate with their findings in a recent heart-health study.

Living a <strong>fast-paced life</strong> can cost your heart in the future, but what are some steps that you can take to improve your <strong>heart health</strong> right now?

Do you have any idea what keeps your hear ticking as it should? Check out some amazing and little known facts about your heart here.

Assessing whether you are in poor, moderate or ideal cardiovascular health takes just seconds, thanks to a new American Heart Association measure of health factors and behaviors.

Two major studies have shown that moderate drinking is good for the heart, but excessive drinking is bad for your health in general. According to Dr. Kenneth J. Mukamal, and associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School this study does not mean that drinking guidelines have changed.

Women who eat more white bread, white rice, pizza, and other carbohydrate-rich foods that cause blood sugar to spike are more than twice as likely to develop heart disease than women who eat less of those foods, a new study suggests.