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Love yourself for everything you are and work on everything you are not and everything you wan’t to be. To Love you is to Know yourself for your shortcomings in life, either work on them or accept them, and move on. With that being said don’t be so hard on yourself, you are your own worst critic. […]

The Heartbeat 5k (5k Run / 1 Mile Walk) Saturday, April 16th, 2016 PRESENTED BY: AHA Young Professionals Board Register Today Funds raised through this event will benefit the American Heart Association and their mission to build healthier lives, free of cardiovascular disease and stroke. What each registrant will receive: – Official HeartBeat 5k T-shirt […]

Don’t skip breakfast “Eat breakfast. It’ll energize you for the day and keep your diet in check.” Nibble, don’t gobble “Use the three-bite rule with dessert: Have three small bites and put your fork down.” Keep the burn going “During your workout, rest no more than 30 seconds between exercises. This will dramatically bump your […]

case you’ve been living under a rock and didn’t hear, sleep makes you healthier in about every way possible—it boosts your brainpower, slashes your risk of disease, and helps you work out harder. Now science says you better get enough Z’s if you want to remember anything. Sleeping fires up synapses in the brain—which can […]

What’s up! There are always a lot of graduations in May, August and December. If you or any of your crew graduated from college this weekend or this year; I’m proud and so happy for you all off top! My Law in Higher Education Professor, Dr. Susan Clark PhD. JD. sent me a statistic that […]

Be careful what you put into your body friends! Via Raw Story: Men who drink one normal-sized soft drink per day are at greater risk of getting more aggressive forms of prostate cancer, according to a Swedish study released Monday. “Among the men who drank a lot of soft drinks or other drinks with added […]

  Put that Swisher Sweet down playa… New Study Shows That Men Who Smoke Mary Jane Run Higher Risk Of Testicular Cancer Young men who use Mary Jane have a higher risk of testicular cancer, a new study found. The study of 455 Californian men found those who had smoked piff were twice as likely […]

For all those going off to college or returning, even students in high school, this video is a HUGE wake up call! It shows the danger of exposing too much information on those social network sites!

Chris Brown has been the current topic amongst co-workers, friends, family and anyone who has an opinion regarding his recent outbreak on Good Morning America.  I’ve wondered what Man has the balls to pull this young man aside and have a heart to heart? Would Chris even respect and receive the words coming out of […]

Hip Hop star Lil Cease took control and transformed his life and body and want you to do the same.  In his new video, “Hardbody Fitness”, the Brooklyn native shows you how to turn your flab into hard muscle you’d be proud of.

We all want to live a longer life right?  According to, researchers show women are outliving men.  Why is that?  More stress?  What ever the case is, there are ways the men population can change their habits and live a longer life.