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After an uproar early in the week about Rick Perry’s controversial association with a property which had a sign saying “n-word head ranch,” there’s new discussion about the appropriate time and use of the term – if there is indeed anything appropriate about it.

For years, Blacks and whites in America have gone toe to toe about who reserves the right to express themselves using the word, but we never seem to come to an agreement about it all in the end. The use of one simple word in the American lexicon is still stirring up controversy decades after it’s brutal intent has long come and gone.

Check out the latest on ‘The View’ as Whoopi Goldberg, Sherri Shepherd and Barbara Walters all express the reasons why they do or do not use the six-letter word inside their own cultures and how it made one of them feel uncomfortable after it was used on the air.

What’s more important – the fact that we’re still upset over this? Or the fact that Herman Cain repeated the term on the air? Or is it simply the fact that the term existed on Rick Perry’s property?


Do you agree with Sherri Shepherd or Whoopi Goldberg’s opinions? Do you agree with Barbara Walters and her opinion?


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