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You may know Draya from her previous relationship with Chris Brown, seeing her on the covers of countless men’s magazines, music videos, or even from the controversy surrounding her arrest over “child endangerment” accusations. But now, we simply know Draya from her role on the newest season of “Basketball Wives, LA”.

She’s the center of attention and the cause of all the drama on the show. From her groupie reputation, outspoken personality and desire to fit in the the other “wives”, it seems that this chick just can’t catch a break . I recently sat down with the model turned reality star to hear her side of the story and see just what really went down with her and the other girls on “Basketball Wives LA”.

Take a look at what Draya had to say about her groupie reputation, being linked to famous men, new business ventures, dealing with the backstabbing and drama on the show and even her dating life. There’s definitely more to this girl than boobs, booty and a stripper pole!

HelloBeautiful: A lot of people question why you’re on the cast of “Basketball Wives” considering that your not married or engaged to a baller. How did you really get hooked up with the cast?

Draya: I met Gloria through an acting class. She was in LA trying to pursue her acting career and I was already involved in the acting world. We became friends and she introduced me to the group.

HB: Since you’ve been on the show its been nothing but drama.. and its all been geared towards you.. why do you think that everybody loves to hate on you?

Draya: I’ve tried to figure out a reason as to why they would sit around and talk about me all day. But I’m not 45 so I can’t put myself in that mentality. So I don’t know why they do it. I just don’t know. But I’m absolutely favored on the show. People have tried to understand me and understand where I’m coming from. That’s pretty much my whole point as to what I wanted to do.

HB: So what happened between you and Laura in that boxing ring? Did you have any idea why she was taking all her anger and aggression out on you?

Draya: I had no idea she had beef with me. I guess they planned for me and her to fight each other because when it was time to get in the ring with her, nobody wanted to go in. I’m the only one that shouldn’t have gotten into the ring because I’m the only that makes money off my face. I’m the one that has the most to lose. But I didn’t want to look like a punk so I got in. It was supposed to just be the techniques that we learned and he only showed us two punches and two kicks. She starts swinging like a bat out of hell so I’m thinking that this is a street fight now. She never said anything about it. What they didn’t show was that we went two rounds, like we fought for a while. It wasn’t just a beat down like it looks.

HB: This week’s episode was crazy! The girls pulled up the police report from the situation with your son and attacked you! How did that feel? What was going through your mind during that confrontation?

Draya: I just look at them like who has the time to do all that. I show these ladies nothing but a nice side of me. It’s not like I showed them any sneaky characteristics about myself for them to not trust me. Why would you look up something on someone who has been about all about positivity? Why would you want to find the bad? They went out of their way to try and find something. I knew that this was something that was going to come out and that it was going to be a topic.

HB: Why did you want to be included in their “circle” so bad?

Draya: I didn’t want to be included in their circle, I was just being friendly. They invited me to everything that I have showed up to. I wouldn’t try extra hard to be their friend. I got invited to places and I felt going would be nice. I didn’t know what they were saying behind the scenes or when they were together without me. I didn’t know any of that was taking place. As you see they hug and they’re nice and then everything takes a left turn. If you saw any of the bonus clips, where we’re talking about how I used to strip, we’re having a regular, friendly, laughable conversation and then all of a sudden it takes a left turn. It’s just really annoying.

HB: Do things between you and the other girls eventually get better on the show?

Draya: Things get better as far as what I’m trying to do. Our relationships go up and down and all around. Everybody goes through it with everybody. Just pay close attention.

Do you still talk to any of the girls from the show?

Draya: I still talk to Malaysia. I don’t really talk to the other girls unless it involves business.

HB: Do you have any regrets from being on the show?

Draya: No, I don’t have any regrets from being on the show because it’s helped my business.

HB: Are you dating someone right now, and do you have a celeb crush?

Draya: Yes, I am dating someone right now. I don’t have a celeb crush. I really don’t do that.

HB: What do you have to say to people who call u a jump off? Do you feel like they have a valid point or are they just simply “haters”?

Draya: I was dating people in the industry who are well known. I’m a normal girl that likes to date guys. If I was dating regular guys nobody would say anything its just because these guys are well known. I’m not just this sex crazed girl that people make me out to be. I’m really in LA working my butt off. I actually have a new business that’s coming soon and you can see more of that on the show.

5 Questions we always ask…

What’s in your bag?

Mascara, a million lollipops from the bank, lip gloss, jewelry ( in case I have to change it from day to night)

If you were forced to get a tattoo, what would it be of?

I have 11 tattoos already! But the most meaningful tattoos I have are my mom and my son’s name. Everything else is just artwork.

What’s your vice and where do you go to get it?

I have to be waxed all over! I go to this salon in LA.

What’s one urge you get but never act on?

I want to sing in public but I’m always too shy to do it in front of my friends! I can do it in front of strangers but not my friends because they’ll judge me!

When was the last time you cried?

The episode that just aired this week was the last time I cried, and that was two months ago.

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