Baby daddy drama!!! Woman follows baby daddy’s girlfriend and attacks her at a Wal-Mart by pouring bleach and pinesole on her!

(blackmediaSCOOP) Police have charged a Baltimore Highlands woman in a fight in which officials say she used bleach and other household cleaners against another woman at a Walmart in Lansdowne Saturday, Oct. 8. Several shoppers were ovecome by fumes and taken to medical facilities.

 Theresa Monique Jefferson, 33, was charged with first-degree assault, second-degree assault, theft under $100 and malicious destruction of property in the bleach-throwing incident that sent 16 people to several hospitals in Baltimore.

According to cops, Jefferson followed another woman, who has not been identified, into the Walmart store. Baltimore County police say Jefferson has a child fathered by the other woman’s boyfriend.

Jefferson and the woman fought inside the store, police said. According to police, Jefferson poured bleach and Pine-Sol on the victim.


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