A Wal-Mart employee used his intuition to help to uncover what became a scene of mass casualties in the parking lot of his job. The inhumane conditions from a boiling-hot tractor trailer have killed a 10th person in San Antonio — making it one of the deadliest human smuggling cases in recent history. Eight undocumented […]

James Wright Chanel‘s video that had us hollering yesterday could be translating into big numbers for Wal-Mart’s bakery today. While some people were busy making up memes about Patti LaBelle‘s pie that made James bust out into song, tons more were making their way down to the nearest Wal-Mart to scoop up one of their […]


(MoneyWatch) Why fight the mall crowds when you can online shop from the convenience of your home (or work, as it is)? Throw in free shipping and it’s kind of a no-brainer. In fact, a growing number of shoppers plan to purchase their holiday gifts online this year, with many starting on Monday, November 29, […]

Baby daddy drama!!! Woman follows baby daddy’s girlfriend and attacks her at a Wal-Mart by pouring bleach and pinesole on her! (blackmediaSCOOP) Police have charged a Baltimore Highlands woman in a fight in which officials say she used bleach and other household cleaners against another woman at a Walmart in Lansdowne Saturday, Oct. 8. Several shoppers […]

As part of First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Lets Move” campaign to fight childhood obesity, Wal-Mart opened the nation’s first urban express store on Wednesday in Chicago. It’s part of a test that Wal-Mart hopes will help turn around a two-year U.S. sales slump and employ people in hard hit urban, inner-city centers. Watch the video […]

Ever hear of the saying “stuck between a rock and a hard place”? Want to know what’s worse then that? How about being stuck in a Garbage Truck as it’s compacting! Don’t believe me…see for yourself! – courtesy of Worldstarhiphop.com