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Windows broken by a sword and tire iron, a banged-up car and eggs splattered on a house — is it any wonder that this relationship didn’t work out?

Houston police arrested Toni Jo Silvey on Tuesday for allegedly stalking her ex-boyfriend. The Houston Chronicle reports that Silvey, 49, dialed up her former lover 1,001 times in three months while also shattering glass at his home and starting a tell-all blog about the demise of their 2009 relationship.

In June, Silvey, a dog walker, started tormenting Peter Main, 62, by bombarding him over the phone and with hundreds of emails — even though it was about two years after their relationship soured, TV station KTRK reports. On several occasions, she is accused of pelting his house with eggs. Investigators also believe she smashed his windows with a tire iron and, later, with a five-foot sword.

In July, she turned her aggression towards his car, according to police. Using her Chevy Blazer like a battering ram, she allegedly collided into his parked car, sending it into his garage door, The Chronicle says.

Writing as “woundedpoeticsoul,” Silvey seems to admit that she tormented Main.

“I must admit, it is true, revenge is a dish best served cold. Am I a woman scorned? You betcha,” she wrote in a post from June.

Later in the post, she writes that Main got his just deserts.

“Make no mistake girls, in the days to come you will see that this Aussie may be cute and charming and adorable like a kangaroo, but in fact he is in my opinion, nothing better on so many levels than a snake oil salesmen in designer clothes.”

Police supposedly warned Silvey to cool it last Friday before arresting her on Tuesday.