No comment…… Via | Gamerevolution A new Snapchat filter is letting people see what they would look like as a different gender. The Snapchat gender change filter gives users a glimpse at what users might look like as the opposite gender. The Male Female swap filter is taking the internet by storm by creating amusing […]

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If Julian Hernandez hadn't applied for college, he may have never found out he's been on the missing children list for 13 years.

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Let's just say, everyone who eats the burger gets a special treat afterwards, and not in the way you'd think.


A French bar owner is currently on trial for the death of a patron who took 56 shots in one sitting, the UK Telegraph reports. A court…

Look closely, what do you see? Yep, that’s right, you see residue of cocaine on Stevie J’s nose in a selfie snapped by Joseline. The photo, which has been posted to Instagram for 6 days now, reads with the caption “Me & My Best Friend.”  Now, I don’t know if Joseline is referring to Stevie […]

One Heidi Van Horny is planning a VERY special birthday party in Montreal. For some people it’s candles on a cake. For others it’s spankings (with one to grow on). And for reckless students of public universities it’s shots. But an enterprising young pornography actress is considering taking on 23 lovers in honor of her […]

According to the report, MaState Trooper Michael J. McCammon was driving along the highway at 7 p.m. when he spotted Troy Prockett, in his car driving erratically before crashing into a snowbank. Radio communications show that police searched for about an hour in single-digit temperatures before they spotted Prockett hiding 30 feet in a tree, […]

Floridian and aspiring model Lisa de Lapi, 28, cewas arrested after she allegedly tried to run over her boyfriend with a car on their special day of love Monday, WPBF reported. Palm Beach Deputies say de Lapi, a Royal Palm Beach resident, told them her 27-year-old boyfriend “set her off,” so she responded by attempting to mow him […]

A carjacking and kidnapping victim in Los Angeles, Calif. managed to outsmart his alleged attacker by chauffeuring him straight to the authorities. The approached the victim in North Hollywood claiming that he had a gun ordering the victim to drive, said police. Well, the victim drove his car to the nearest police station! Once the suspect realized […]

A suburban Chicago man caught up in a brawl this weekend has a convenient excuse for why he punched a Naperville police officer: He thought the man was just some regular guy dressed as cop for Halloween. Aurora residents Swavek Krakowiak, 29; Andres Lopez, 25; and Jesus Nino, 24 were arrested along with Marcin Klepinowski, 34, of […]