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One Heidi Van Horny is planning a VERY special birthday party in Montreal.

For some people it’s candles on a cake. For others it’s spankings (with one to grow on). And for reckless students of public universities it’s shots. But an enterprising young pornography actress is considering taking on 23 lovers in honor of her 23rd birthday.

Per the Toronto Sun, sex actress Heidi Van Horny (seems like she was destined to do this important work with a name like that) has put out a call for 23 men to perform consensual adults acts with and on her. As you can imagine, Ms. Van Horny is pretty easy on the eyes and in short order more than 500 men threw their (Jimmy) hats into the ring. Sure, there are issues. For instance, Ms. Van Horny would like a say in which men are to be passengers on this train and would like some assurances that the group of amateurs (who are not rigorously tested like our professionals in the gorgeous San Fernando Valley) do not have sexually transmitted diseases or infections.