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According to the latest hot trend is called “drunkorexia.” Basically young women skip meals so that they can drink more alcohol, according to scientists.

In a desperate attempt to stay slim, researchers have discovered that the phenomenon dubbed ‘drunkorexia’ is effecting thousands of female students.

A team from the University of Missouri are now highlighting the long-term health implications of cutting calories combined with excess drinking.

Researchers revealed that 16% of students reported that they were reducing their calorie intake during the day to ‘save them’ for drinking. Motivations included preventing weight gain, getting intoxicated faster and saving money that would be spent on food to buy alcohol. 

Victoria Osborne, assistant professor of social work and public health, emphasized the dangerous cognitive, behavioral and physical consequences. ‘Depriving the brain of adequate nutrition and consuming large amounts of alcohol can be dangerous. Together, they can cause short- and long-term cognitive problems including difficulty concentrating, studying and making decisions.’

Prof Osborne says this is a problem as women are at a higher risk of health problems related to binge drinking because they metabolize alcohol differently than men. This can mean that they get sick faster and suffer accelerated damage to vital organs.

A small 150ml glass of white wine can contain 150 to 170 calories, while a large glass of wine – commonly 250ml – can hold hold as many calories as an average lunch.  A shot of vodka with a low calorie mixer is lighter 100 calories while some beer can be 250 calories a pint.

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