I swear this one hit different. . .maybe because it is knowing what this man leaves behind in his family or maybe because it is just SAD that a life was taken so senselessly. Nipsey’s death will be talked about for a while and we will continue to share any and all updates. Including this […]

Via Fox 8: MEDINA, Ohio — Medina police say a report of a female with a gun at a Medina medical office building is believed to be a hoax. At 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, police received a call about a female possibly armed with a gun. The caller said the female was holding hostages at the […]

*Now we know why Chris Brown was dismissed from the Malibu rehab facility last Friday. He had spent the last several months there for his…

Why it's effecting thousands of female students!

NBA star Amar’e Stoudemire and fashion designer Rachel Roy sat down with Essence.com to talk about their new fashion line, “Rachel Roy’s Caption Collection,” which is geared towards the female sports fan. The collection, which retails between $49 and $229, is available now at Macy’s. Watch Amar’e and Rachel’s interview with Essence below:

50 Cent loves music, but like everyone, he has tailored tastes. While on the set of Tony Yayo’s video for “Haters” in Atlanta last week, 50 ran through some of his favorite songs of the moment with MTV News. In addition to Big Sean’s “My Last” and Frank Ocean’s “Novacane,” Fif is waving the flag […]

While Eve has respect for Kim, she thinks the Queen Bee is investing too much time in her nemesis. “I need her to stop. If I was Kim’s friend, I’d be like, yo. Because she’s Kim, period,” Eve said in an interview. “So she never has to feed. She shouldn’t. It’s bad. It’s not a […]


Just when you think celebrities brush off everything you say, they may find a way to get you back. In the case of this young lady inside of a mall, rapper Maino did just that.

(CNN) — Brazil’s new president-elect vowed to continue her predecessor’s move to fight against inequality and promote human rights and fight poverty in her victory speech Sunday night.

Montana Fishburne has ignited a new sensation. The porn sensation. Well, it’s not really new per se, but you would assume that this chick has single-handedly brought porn back in style based on the media coverage she is receiving. In case you missed it, there has been daily discussion and constant blogging about this girl […]

From AOLNews Ehlers, a 62-year-old physician, lab researcher and hematologist — and a mother of two daughters — spent the next four decades developing a female condom with jagged latex hooks that latch onto the skin of an attacker. Dubbed “Rape-aXe,” the condom is inserted with an applicator like a tampon, and it clenches a […]

This story is just to strange for words!!! Rapper Charles Hamilton who was recently TWO PIECED by Mary G Blige’s step-daughter has decided he wants to rap as a FEMALE!!!!