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This proves Facebook “friends” aren’t always your friend….beware! A woman who contacted an old friend through Facebook was lured to an isolated shed where she was bound and gagged… told she was going to be a ‘sex slave’ and raped.

William Jameson, who unknown to the victim had a history of violence including manslaughter, attempted murder and child rape, then left her tied up with a rope around her neck.

But the 31-year-old woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, managed to free her feet and force her way out of the building with her wrists still tied by electric cable.

She managed to reach a nearby farmhouse where, distressed and covered in mud and blood, she got help. The victim, who worked in the civil service in Ireland, first met 48-year-old Jameson, who she knew as Liam, in 2004 while taking a computer class.

According to court records, when he got her into the shed, Jameson forced her to the ground and tied her hands and feet with electric cable, binding it behind her back.

He put a gag in her mouth and tied a rope around her neck and started to strangle her, saying she was going to be his ‘sex slave’.

Jameson told her he was ‘a dangerous and violent man’ and that he had been in prison in Belfast for rape and attempted murder.

After Jameson was arrested police searched his home and found he had more than 1,500 sickening films and pictures of violent sexual child abuse on his computer.

Jameson will not be allowed to seek parole for five years and must register as a sex offender for life.

Does this change your mind about meeting Facebook friends in person?


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