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Man intimidated students into giving him money.

The streets of Athens, Georgia are a little bit safer now that 21-year old Germil Deun Johnson is behind bars.

For two days earlier this February, Johnson wreaked havoc, robbing three University of Georgia students and attempting to rob a fourth. But he didn’t use weapons in the robberies (he is homeless you know). No, he just demanded money, loudly.

He threatened to hurt his first victim if she didn’t give him some money. She gave him $11. The next day he did the same to another female student and she gave him $1. Figuring that wasn’t enough, Johnson then demanded money from another man who was walking towards him (while he was still robbing the woman) and got him for $9.

With his two-day earnings now at a whopping $20, Johnson decided to hit one last lick an hour later. He spotted a woman talking on her cell phone, ran up on her and demanded that she end her conversation, hang up and give him some money. When she said she didn’t have any, Johnson felt lied to and was insulted. To teach her a lesson, Johnson tackled the woman, punched her in the stomach and tried to steal her phone.

When another man drove by and tried to investigate what was going on, Johnson fled and tried to board a public transportation bus. Police nabbed him before he could get away.

Police nor local papers have released any other information on Johnson other than that he was a registered sex offender for a statutory rape case in 2009. But judging from his get money tactics, he probably should have tried filling out an application at a collections agency. Seems like when it comes to collecting funds, this man is all about results.

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