*The year 2004 was a blessing and a curse for Kevin Hart. He scored his first leading role in the film “Soul Plane,” but…the movie was “Soul Plane.” The comedy was panned by critics, blasted by some African Americans as stereotypical and suffered at the box office. The same year, Hart also booked his own […]

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The streets of Athens, Georgia are a little bit safer now that 21-year old Germil Deun Johnson is behind bars

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(AllHipHop News) The brother of incarcerated Hip-Hop mogul James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond was sentenced to 12 years in prison yesterday (October 6th), for his role in a massive cocaine distribution operation that raked in more than $10,000,000 per year. Jimmy Henchman’s older brother Kesnar Rosemond, 50, was sentenced to lengthy prison sentence for cocaine distribution, […]


Here’s a follow up to a story that you guys went off on and now we have a happy ending. The 101-year-old Detroit woman who was evicted from her home of 58 years after her son failed to pay a mortgage got her house back! God is goooooood! Texana Hollis remains in hospital however, after […]


A 15-year-old Syracuse boy got the book thrown at him over a robbery that netted him all of seven cents. Judge William Walsh refused a defense request to sentence young Anthony Stewart, a Syracuse native, as a “youthful offender,” instead sentencing him as an adult to two to six years in juvenile detention and marking […]


Cops say Victoria Hill (not pictured) walked into an Idaho store, slipped a 24-ounce can of $1.50 Steel Reserve beer into her purse, and walked out. Now she’s facing up to 10 years in jail! 35 year old Hill was arrested and charged with felony burglary because, officers say, she went into the store “with […]

Three years ago, Kelly Rowland set out to find her biological father, with whom she hadn’t seen since she was eight years old. She wasn’t even sure if he was still alive or where to find him, with her only memory of him being that he was drunk and abusive towards her mother. Now her […]

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High school pranks are usually a sign that the school year is a coming to a close. However, one prank went from harmless to scary real fast for school officials first but now for the student accused of pulling the prank. Tyell Morton ,a senior at Rushville High in Indiana, said he thought it would […]

Nicki Minaj unleashed her new and improved boobs for the world to see on the MTV Movie Awards. Of course, these are not the first implants for the 28-year-old “Your Love” singer. It’s hard to say just how many breast enhancements Nicki has had to go along with her butt shots, nose jobs, cheek and […]


According to the New York Post, the ‘Born This Way’ singer sent the fans that lined up outside the show’s studio food and drink out of gratitude for their dedication. An NBC source said: “Some GaGa fans have been here since Thursday, and she sent everyone in line, around 25 people, boxes of Dunkin’ Donuts […]


We were all hoping for a happy ending for this family but it may not happen. Joy White, the mother who’s newborn baby was kidnapped from a hospital says after reuniting with her 23 year old daughter Carlina, they’re not speaking to each other anymore.

They were revealed by Forbes magazine to be the highest earning couple of the past year and Jay Z and Beyonce are now set to be the biggest earners on New Years Eve too. The mega mogul Jay, real name Shawn Carter, has signed up to perform at the the lavish launch party for the […]