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WOW! I can’t believe there could be NO NBA this season!

The NBA and the NBA Player’s Association met for about 10 hours on Saturday inside a New York hotel.

NBA commissioner David Stern says the federal mediator made numerous suggestions. The NBA adopted the majority of those suggestions and told the union it would have until midnight on Wednesday to accept the deal on the table.

There are no additional meetings scheduled between now and that deadline. Once that deadline passed, Stern made it very clear the NBA’s offer would change dramatically — for the worse.

Stern said. “If we’re unable to make a deal on those terms by the close of business on Wednesday, we will be making a new proposal which we will also share very soon with the players in writing, which is multifaceted. For purposes of this press conference, suffice it to say it will be a 47% proposal and a flex cap and lots of other issues that you have become familiar with in the course of these negotiations.”

The deal on the table is a 50-50 split of basketball-related income, their obvious target for weeks.

“Today is another very sad day for our fans, for our arena workers, our parking-lot attendants, our vendors,” union president Derek Fisher said. “A very frustrating, sad day.”

In a nutshell, The NBA has put a deal on the table and issued a deadline of Wednesday. The union has responded by saying it doesn’t even consider the deal worthy of presenting to its members. And no more meetings scheduled between now and Wednesday.


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