Rapelay was yanked off store shelves worldwide, but it went from banned to worse: It’s viral online.

Rapelay is a role playing game, which begins by letting a player choose a method of assault on a teenage girl at a subway. Gamers can grope her and lift her skirt. Players molest the girl, and even assault and rape her sister and mother. The ultimate goal of the game: to make the three women sex slaves, so the player can rape them whenever he desires to. When a girl gets pregnant, players have to force her to have an abortion.

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Despite the international ban, the game is shared viral online where it’s available for everyone.

It only took me a simple search on Google to find several Web sites where the game is available for download – often for free.

International womens right groups are urging the Japanese government to police game makers who produce these ‘Hentai’ games. They’re Japanese roleplay games that stimulate sexual violence, torture, and rape of women.

There’s a lot of online talk about games like Rapelay.

YouTube commenter Charles Rigler said in his video: “We’re basically cultivating a culture of couch-potato sex predators.”

But ‘Harlysopinion,’ another YouTube commenter, thinks the game shouldn’t have been banned: ‘It’s not that bad. I mean, I know the object of the game is something terrible, but when you actually see the game, it’s not as bad as you think,” she said.

Internet experts say trying to control this type of content on the internet is hard, which means it’s up to parents.

Internet filtering and parental control tools:




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