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The NBA labor dispute is slowly, yet surely, amputating the 2011-12 basketball schedule of games. After the player’s union rejected the latest proposal offered by Commissioner David Stern and NBA owners earlier this week, all involved are left wondering what happens next. There is no end in sight. Games are cancelled through mid-December, and the possibility of any games being played this season is shaky at best. Considering the lifestyles many ballers are known to lead, along with reputations for being negligent in terms of managing finances, many players are definitely going to need a side hustle to keep those checks coming in.

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Here’s a short list of interim gigs for some of the NBA’s unemployed:

Kris Humphries, Relationship Counselor: Don’t let the number fool you. In those 72 days as a married man, Kris Humphries gained more experience than some people who’ve been married twice as long, if not longer. Having communications problems in your relationship? Go see Kris. Trust issues? Kris is your man that can help. Now that he’s been released of his Kardashian lap dog duties, who better to give advice on what not to do?  Who else could lend a more sympathetic ear and help the two of you work through the ups and downs that all couples face? The one thing many seek in counseling is an empathetic voice of reason, and at this point, I don’t think anyone else in the world could feel your pain more than Kris Humphries.

Dwayne Wade, Celebrity Manicurist/Pedicurist: D. Wade has the hot celebrity girlfriend in Gabrielle Union and has transitioned his style repertoire to that of elite status among fellow athletes. This was recently exemplified in the spread that he shot for the November issue of  GQ. Upon reading the article, though, Wade caught the public’s attention in revealing a surprise foot fetish of sorts. He actually stated that he once painted his toenails black. Make no confusion: there’s nothing wrong with male grooming in the form of mani/pedis. However, unless you are Lenny Kravitz, cease and desist on the black toenails—or any other color—immediately.

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Wade certainly raised more than a few eyebrows with this admission of sampling the latest hues of OPI products. But it also seems that somehow stumbled into a new professional calling to weather the lockout.  If all else fails, Dwayne Wade can become a licensed nail technician. South Beach is bound to offer a limitless market of clients, especially among his many celebrity friends. If Serena could get her license and work on Oprah’s feet, then why not Dwayne? CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

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