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So I found out some very interesting news today that I’m sure you might have heard yourself: Kourtney Kardashian is pregnant. Again.

It wasn’t long ago that the oldest Kardashian sister found out she was first pregnant with the now very adorable Mason (you saw that episode, right?). While her sisters were off running behind ballers, getting engaged and hitched quickly and getting divorced even faster, Kourtney was always somewhere in the corner–chill and content opening boutiques and being a good mommy. And now she’ll have double baby duty with her long-time boyfriend, the oh so incredible (NOT) Scott Disick. While I’m happy for her if she is happy, her situation has me thinking: how many kids should you be laying down and having with a man before he finally puts a ring on it?

Let me first say that I’m not trying to be a hater. In fact, I like Kourtney most out of all the girls in the clan. However, there comes a time when everyone has to get a little real. She just had her first child with Disick in 2009, and here we are at the end of 2011 with news that another little one will be on the way. This is the perfect time for Scott to wed the woman who has and will bring his children into the world, who has stood by him when everyone else in her family was trashing him (which he deserved most of the time), and stood by in general when he did many a shady and immature thing. Being a ride or die chick on paper is cool, but if after all that and two babies you all haven’t even had a serious conversation about marriage and where your future is headed, then that’s a problem. Well, at least to me it is.

I know that Kourtney shouldn’t rush into anything if she isn’t ready, and neither should Scott. I also know people say that a child shouldn’t be the reason people get married if they aren’t really prepared for that leap or truly down for one another. Yeah, I’ve heard that. But let me say then that a child isn’t something they should be bringing into the world again if they really don’t see a lasting relationship in their future. So bullcocky for that excuse. If she’s good enough to push out his babies, then Kourtney should be good enough to be a wife and want to be a wife as well.

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