Push Gifts? Are you requiring one from your boo after you push out your bundle of joy?

The newlyweds AKA the Petty’s have clealry been enjoying life together! Getting in Halloween spirit with their latest costumes [see below]. . .Lots of PDA moments! Etc. But here comes the internet. . .instead of letting them be in love and in their business. . .some people are more concerned with who paid for their […]

  Guess we saw this one coming after Adele made it publically clear that she was splitting from her husband Simon back in April. Well she has officially filed for divorce. They were married just 3 years and have a 6 year old son together. According to Fox. . .Adele and Simon will likely figure […]

Just gone leave these photos right here while we wait on photo’s of them officially married . . . in 80 days! Follow @rodigga and @z1079

I’mma be honest — I still wanted Nicki and Nas to be a thing but I understand it ain’t abut what I want and clearly Nicki has found her match because she took to her “Queen Radio” show to let it be known that marriage plans are most definitely in the works! Miss ‘Megatron’ said […]

You gotta love these two! So much. . .women [and some men wink wink] have been asking CiCi for the prayers she sent up to the good lord that landed her Russell. Well it was a LOT of prayer according to Ciara but deeper than that. . .Prayers went up from your girl in respect […]

RoLations Time!  The Engagement is called off!   Ladies. . .Do you give the ring back??? Fellas. . .Do you even want the ring back??? Take The Poll: Catch Ro inside The Day Party weekdays beginning at 3pm! 

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Whoa! Dang! Here’s some shocking, earthquake news that we’re not sure what to make of, but it’s being reported by the reputable Mail Online/Daily Mail that Janet Jackson and Wissam Al Mana have gone their separate ways. The staggering news, if true, means Jackson and her multi-millionaire husband have indeed separated just months after she […]

There are few things more romantic than the idea of running off with the one you to say “I do.” Elopement is not what it used to be years ago when the word was often shaded with disapproval and negativity. Now, eloping is more something that many couples choose to do because they want to […]