Stop It!

There, I said it! Stop with the conspiracy theories and subliminal meanings behind Beyonce’s baby name Ivy Blue/ Blue Ivy.

Early this morning Beyonce gave birth to a baby girl and immediately she was welcomed into the world and regarded as a “princess.” While I thanked the lord, hoping the “Beyonce baby craze” was all over and everyone would be able to go on with his or her lives, my Twitter timeline filled with statements like:

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Wait a minute, am I crazy or was a healthy baby born to a successful hard-working black woman? How in the h*ll (no pun intended) do you refer to an innocent baby as a member of the infamous Illuminati?

From there things only got worse as more theories circulated:

This one in particular, struck me the hardest:

Lucifer…as in the devil? REALLY? So you’re telling me the fiery demon himself, chose Beyonce to use as a vessel to reincarnate his daughter? And which scholar, who happens to speak Latin, was up at 1am on Twitter, concerned with the well being of Beyonce, confirmed that the translation of Ivy Blue backwards in the dead language is “Lucifer’s Daughter?”


People, let’s move on with life and if it so happens to be true that Beyonce and Jay-Z are down with the Illuminati– so be it! We do not benefit nor does it affect us if they are.

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