Today we speak with Clinical Director Ezekiel Peebles about how to create the safest environment possible for an aging parent.

Disney’s live action animation remake of The Lion King has definitely paid off for them! The movie we all fell in love with years ago [obviously the original version]  is now the Disney Studios highest rated animated movie ever!  Released back on July 19 — the remake has already grossed $1.3 billion worldwide and then […]

Well damn. . .showing up to your child’s school how you want to will not fly anymore in Houston! Parents. . .how would you feel if this happened here in the land??? Via CNN: At one high school in Texas, parents can’t just roll out of bed in the morning to drop off their kids […]

Ok! Before we even get to the details of this story. . .PARENTS. . .would you allow your 5 year old to curse? Your kids period? According to Amber — it is a form of expression. Do you agree? Via Page Six: If a swear jar existed in Amber Rose‘s home, it would be pretty full. […]

Via CBS News: A school in Hephzibah, Georgia, is drawing national attention after sending consent forms to parents informing them of a new policy of using paddling as a form of punishment for students, CBS affiliate WRDW-TV reports. The Georgia School of Innovation and the Classics (GSIC), a kindergarten-through-9th-grade charter school, is bringing back paddling — […]

Parents. . .this might be your road trip life saver! But um. . .is anyone else wondering how safe this perk is? I mean. . .go head and color. . .as far as your hands can reach while strapped in that seat belt you feel me! I can see kids now stretched out to the […]

Man. . .Just read the post below and you’ll understand why these parents rightfully deserved the You Big Dummy Award! Catch The Day Party weekdays beginning at 3pm!  


Hm…I wonder what people will think about this? Catch The Day Party weekdays beginning at 3pm! 

Parents either hate technology, or see it as some sort of sorcery and magic.

You may have heard by now about the pair of Georgia sons who carried out a full attempt to murder their parents in their home…

Here’s a little positivity. A single mother of four is still reeling from being the winner of what officials are calling the largest Powerball win…

  Considering that Samuel L. Jackson is an actor who is mostly known for cussing and playing bad guys in every film he’s in, it’s…