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Lil B Says "Rap Is A Joke" Because Of Inauthentic Rappers

Lil B recently gave an interview to 107.5 WGCI to speak with DJ A-Oh and DJ Moondawg, discussing whether or not he takes rap music seriously. After releasing several projects that have fueled backlash including I’m Gay (I’m Happy) and Angels Exodus, the Based God said that he thinks rap is a joke because of inauthentic artists who are clogging the culture.

“I’ve taken rap 100 percent seriously for so long, that I see it now, it’s a joke to me now because a lot of the rap artists that are in it, they’re not truly authentic. How I feel about authentic is that my whole past is there. Anything I talk about, you can just check up,” he said. “So when it comes down to am I, and do I think rap’s a joke and I’m having fun? I’m not going to lie. Right now, it is a joke because my life has been so real. Life is so real, bro. I almost lost my life numerous times, like in the streets and everything.”

The Bay Area rapper said that for those who look at him as Hip Hop’s court jester, his track record backs his movement. With millions of views on YouTube of his music videos and songs, Lil B explains that listeners can only ignore him for so long.

“I tell them that they gotta keep listening to my music and they’re going to find something that they like. When they really take a chance and listen to some Lil B music, I’m waiting for ‘em. Trust me. I got more than enough music. People can deny me for as long as they want, but I’m here,” he continued. “I wouldn’t be here. If you have truly crap music, you won’t go anywhere. I’ve got 70, 80 million views on YouTube alone. That’s the people speaking. I didn’t put myself in this position. It was you beautiful people, and the people make me.”

Listen to the full interview below (via FSD).