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Chris Brown Says Working With Lil Wayne Is "Incredible," Speaks On Collabs With Justin Bieber

Singer Chris Brown is no stranger to the collaboration and in just the past few years Brown has worked with a plethora of artists including Busta Rhymes, Bruno Mars, Pharrell Williams, Swizz Beatz, and Lil Wayne.

The singer recently caught up with MTV News and described his experience working with Lil Wayne who has appeared on all of Brown’s albums.

“Working with Wayne is always incredible. I’ve had Wayne on every single album I’ve done, you know? From ‘Give Me That’ to ‘Poppin (Remix)’ to ‘Transform Ya’ to ‘Look At Me Now.’ And yo being able to work with these guys is incredible and I think I build most of my collaborations just off of the relationship that I’ve built with these guys over the years,” Brown explained.

While Brown may be quite well known for his Hip Hop collaborations the singer still manages to work with artists from other genres of music including pop star Justin Bieber. The singer also spoke on his experience working with Bieber on various songs.

“Being able to collab with him was great. He’s a young, energetic cat so being able to work with him with the fan base he has was incredible,” said Brown. “I know a lot of little girls are gonna love this record that me and him did…He’s doing his thing like at a young age and I was doing mine at a young age so being able to see him come up was dope and work with all these cats.”

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