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Ashanti stopped by Hot 107.9 in Philly yesterday and chopped it up with Q Deezy about what she has been doing behind the scenes and the message behind her latest single ‘The Woman You Love’. When asked about her relationship with her long time on again-off again boo Nelly she dodged the question with a bunch of giggles.

Later on she hit up The Home Team at the same station and things got a little more personal with a round of Q & A hot topics surrounding sex and ‘landing strips’. According to Ashanti, her men have to wait almost a year to get the goodies.

Check out a few excerpts from both interviews below:

On if she feels like it’s about the scandal not the artist in today’s music

Controversy definitely sells. People sometimes are more interested in your personal business than your talent and what you’re doing. It’s a part of the business though and you just have to expect it.

On having her own record label Written Entertainment

I cut the checks. I write the checks. I cash the checks.

On how Busta Rhymes ended up on ‘The Woman You Love’

We were in the studio recording at Platinum Sounds in New York. I was in one room and Busta was in the other and you know when you finish your record you blast it all the way to the top and the speakers was rumbling in the studio. So Busta was next door and of course he busted in my session, “Yo! What is that?” and I’m like, “I’m thinking about putting this out.” He said, “I need to be on it. I’m on it.” He’s like, “This would drastically change our relationship if I’m not on this record.” We had a really good conversation and spoke about a lot of things. He’s kind of watched my career for a long time and he was very passionate about it.

Do you cook?

Absolutely, I get busy in the kitchen. I do the whole Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas –I do everything.

On sex on the first date

Nah, you’re waiting almost a year. It’s not going that easy.

Which one do you prefer on the vajayjay, landing strip or bare?

Landing strip, as long as it’s cute, nice and neat.

The one physical feature on a man that you have to have

You have to have nice lips. You have to have a nice mouth.

What’s an instant turn on?

You have to smell good. I like a good cologne; not like really strong.

Do you date outside your race?

I have. I had a Puerto Rican.

Missionary or doggy style?

How can I say this nicely and politically? I like to stand on top of things.

Watch the interviews below:

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Video: Ashanti Ft. Busta Rhymes- The Woman You Love

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