Romance rumors have been circling Nelly and Ashanti recently, and Bow Wow decided to turn the pressure up a little bit!

Ashanti and Nelly, hip-hop royalty since the early 2000s, were together for over a decade. That relationship ended in 2013, but a recent viral video has some fans wondering if those flames have been rekindled! During their performance at a concert in Phoenix over the weekend, the pair danced intimately as they performed their 2008 […]

Micah Dixon

According to Complex, Ashanti has announced a new partnership!! She has partnered up with a company that is woman owned, WEB3 company. This decision makes Ashanti the first black female artist to be a co-founder of a WEB3 company. Her debut album Ashanti, will be hitting its 20th anniversary next month. Her partnership with the […]


The two New York rappers went track-for-track in a Verzuz battle that was filled with classic songs, surprise guests and a whole lot of trash talk.

Ro Digga

So in a recent interview with Billboard. . .Da Baby talked about things like his favorite wrestler. . .his favorite place to perform and his celebrity crush! Which is probably your celebrity crush too! Who is it???? Watch the video below or you can scroll down and see photos of his crush crushing it on […]

Just in time for Good Friday and the celebration of Easter, look at God!! Clevelands own Erika Kayne went from karaoke at work to viral sensation stopped by the Sam Sylk Show on 93.1 WZAK then hopped on a plane to slay Time Square live on ‘Good Morning America’. Erika Kayne decided to put her […]


Soooo ya might have heard how a recent concert featuring Ashanti [at a College] was cancelled due to poor ticket sales . . . Definitely did not take long before 50 decided to chime in with his thoughts. . .doing typical 50 trolling pretty much [See exactly what he said down below]. Ashanti was recently […]

via:Bossip Nelly and Ashanti broke up several years ago, but somehow their relationship drama has managed to carry over into 2018. Over the weekend, Ashanti posted a clip to her Instagram Stories from backstage at her show in St. Louis. In the video, she happened to be with Nelly’s father, Cornell Haynes Sr. As most […]


No doubt about it, this is thickness at its finest.