Micah Dixon

There was a struggle for control of the rich farmland in Mesoamerica. It consisted of agricultural productivity, with crops like corn, beans, squashes, chili,pepper, and cotton. The Olmec became the first great civilization to shape the Mesoamerica as a dominate class. San Lorenzo, the oldest known Olmec centre, or otherwise ancient city in Mexico, is […]

Welcome back, as this journey to find more about the heritage of black people is ongoing, we will stop and explore other cultures and people. Many of them may have had lived on the same land as we do today. Others come from all over the world to North America. Before North America, geographers refer […]

The history of America dates back to thousands of years ago. So lets continue to learn more about the history of our ancestors. The Pamunkey Indians were the largest tribe within the powerful Powhatan Chiefdom. Soon colonizers would arrive to settle in Jamestown in 1607. As of today they’re over 200 members strong and have […]

Today is the 15th of November, and yup thats make it another national day, so it happens to be National Philanthropy Day is celebrated annually on November 15. So today is the day to celebrate and honor those who are doing their part of giving back to their community. We should all be here working […]

The world as we know it is continuing to evolve. As this earth is battling climate change, it is uncertain where there earth will be in the coming years. If there will even be a earth at all! Still on this discovery of myself, I m doing my own share of research to learn more […]

Today is the 14th of November that makes it National Pickle Day. Are you a fan of the vegetable? Pickles are vegetables, right? Well however you see this food, be sure to grab yourself, a sweet, tart or even a spicy pickle. A quick fat about this type of food is that it definitely comes […]

Today we remember our veterans, who have gone to war to protect a nation of people. They have fought for their country, some to return home and some soldiers who have lost their lives. Military veterans are being honored today, a federal holiday that coincides with Armistice Day, and Remembrance Day which marks World War […]

As I am on my path to self discovery, there are few things I realize that I have to work on. One thing is first to find an unconditional love for myself, the next is to let go of the people who have done me wrong. When we are wronged it hurts, and some of […]

I was able to take my son to check out the sequel to Black Panther, and boy oh boy you are in for an emotional roller coaster. Black Panther Wakanda Forever did not disappoint from beginning to end it allowed you to feel. This write up will unfortunately not have any spoilers since the movie […]

November the 9th is a national day like any other day. But my guess is many are not going to be too happy that today is National Scrapple Day, and you’re wondering like what is scrapple. Well it is pork scrapings, or trimmings with cornmeal, seasonings, all put together to be cooked and called scrapple. […]

As I am walking on a new journey, a new way of thinking, a new way of life, I want to share it with you. If you’ve ever felt tired of the way your life has been going, and tired of getting the same results. Just think we have tried yoga, we’ve tried detoxing, we’ve […]

Every day does hold onto a national day, and today is going to be a fun one. Happy National Cappuccino Day, today is the day to sip that espresso with steamed milk and foam. So whether you are going out to grab you a order from your favorite coffee shop, or making one at home […]