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Nicki Minaj covers COMPLEX Magazine’s 10th anniversary issue with two eye-popping covers.

Inside the magazine, the rapper discusses her megastardom, how she’s the brainchild behind her own success (she says she manages herself but still has a management team) and how she goes about setting her goals.   Basically she’s saying she has the last word if she disagrees with management–like most artists do who aren’t blind pushovers.  She says she never gets credit for what she contributes to the moves she makes.  Here are the highlights….

What wows you these days? Everything that comes your way keeps becoming bigger, bigger, bigger.  When you’re constantly exceeding your own expectations, how do you set new goals?

Doing the Super Bowl with Madonna doesn’t really change Nicki Minaj’s personal goals. My goal right now is still to put out Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, sell five million copies eventually, and tour every country in the world. That’s what I’ve been working toward. So while the world is talking about, “Oh my God, I can’t believe Nicki Minaj was at the Super Bowl!” I’m mixing and mastering my music. In my scheme of things it’s way bigger.

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